Today, NASPHARMA CO.LTD. is one of the top europa Pharmaceutical companies, providing high-quality medications in areas of greatest clinical need.

NASPHARMA CO.LTD. is considered one of the most important and esteemed pharmaceutical companies within the world, thanks to its uncompromising commitment to quality, its history of innovation, and its strong presence within the europa Medical Market.

In order to guarantee that every pharmacy in europa has adequate access to all of NASPHARMA CO.LTD.products, and in order to guarantee the medicationís quality throughout its shelf-life, we created a well-connected network throughout europa.



NASPHARMA CO.LTD.has one of the most prestigious medical promotion networks within Europan, comprised of highly regarded graduates from the faculties of Pharmacy and Medicine throughout europa.

These Medical Representatives ensure that every physician has the latest clinical studies and information about any and all of NASPHARMA CO.LTD. products, they answer relevant questions, and respond to any complaints.

In addition, Medical Representatives are continually trained by the most respected national and international professors and thought leaders.

NASPHARMA CO.LTD.Promotion Network owns 20 proprietary pharmacies around europa and an additional 10 proprietary pharmacies are under construction. These pharmacies sell only NASPHARMA CO.LTD.-branded products.


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