- Tablets and Film Coated Tablets Production Line.

- Oral Hormones Tablets and Film Coated Tablets Production Line.

- Oral Penicillins (Tablets and Film Coated Tablets, Powders for Oral Suspension and Solution, and Capsules) Production Line.

- Oral Cephalosporins (Tablets and Film Coated Tablets, Powders for Oral Suspension, and Capsules) Production Line.

- Oral Suspensions and Syrups Production Line.

- Herbal Medicines Production Line.

- Soft Gelatin Capsules Production Line.

- Injectable (Sterile) Medications Facility: Which includes:

1- Lyophilized Penicillin Powders for Injection Production Line

2- Lyophilized Cephalosporin Powders for Injection Production Line

3- Non-Hormonal Solutions for Injection Production Line

4- Injectable Hormones Production Line

5- Biotechnological Medicines Production Line

- Ophthalmic Medications Production Line

- Semi-Solid Medications (Ointments, Creams, Gels, and Suppositories) Production Line


Quality Control & Quality Assurance Laboratories:

- Chemical Laboratories

- In-Process Quality Control Laboratories

- Biological Laboratories

- Research and Development Laboratory

- Documentation and Validation



- Water Treatment Plant (Pure, Distilled, Double-Distilled, and Water for Injection)

- Diesel Power Generators

- Air Handling and Ventilation Systems (HEPA Filter, Humidity Control)

- Pressure Control Systems (especially in Sterile Areas)


Quality Systems and Management:

- We import our raw materials (the APIs, excipients etc.) from highly qualified international suppliers

- We ensure that there is continuous maintenance of all our machinery (day-to-day monitoring)

- All of our Quality Control Laboratories are equipped with the latest high-tech equipment, and all adhere strictly to the Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs)

- All raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are stored in temperature- and humidity-controlled, separate storage areas

- Careful documentation is maintained at all stages of production, up until the finished product reaches the market, in order to minimize the chance of error.



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